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Don’t let “On-Air” deceive you, our stations are also available for listening online and extend your message to thousands of listeners every day.

Broadcasting 13 Radio Stations

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We share a passion in finding the right on-line solutions for you, from website design to logo and print design.

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We help brand your business with a reliable and valuable message that’s designed to attract, convert and delight customers.

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What began as an elite group of radio stations, has advanced to a team that’s as unique as your business. Zimmer’s team is made up of website developers, graphic designers, creative writers, project managers and social media marketers that create all-inclusive marketing campaigns to build brand loyalty, drive revenue and radically revolutionize your business.

Whether we’re launching a radio campaign or a new website, we believe the product is sacred and the customer is king; and we’re relentlessly dedicated to assisting our clients with an unrivaled quality of work.

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Broadcasting 13 Radio Stations

Don’t let “On-Air” deceive you, our stations are also available for listening On-Line and extend your message to thousands of unique listeners every day.


Our interactive strategists are web developers, graphic designers, writers and social media marketers that create and maintain online identities to build brand loyalty.


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12 Causes of Advertising Failure

Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams

  • The desire for instant gratification

  • Trying to reach more people than the budget will allow.

  • Assuming the business owner knows best.

  • Unsubstantiated claims.

  • Improper use of passive media.

  • Creating ads instead of campaigns.

  • Obedience to unwritten rules.

  • Late-week schedules.

  • Overconfidence in qualitative targeting.

  • Event-driven marketing.

  • Great production without great copy.

  • Confusing reactions with results.

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We’re in business to help your business grow.

Our efforts are focused on developing ourselves through training and coaching. We accomplish this through an environment where exceeding company standards, continual improvement, initiative and innovation are recognized and rewarded.

Zimmer knows my business. I come up with ideas that I want them to focus on and then I let them do the creative part of it. I’d recommend Zimmer to anybody who wants to go to the next level. Get on a good plan with them and be consistent and just have faith in their recommendations. You will see results. It’s nice working with someone who you know really cares about your success.
Steve Hotsenpiller, Steve’s Pest Control Inc.
I’ve been working with Zimmer forever. I didn’t expect how many different people I would get to work with. From creative to sales to the radio talent, their process of putting everything together works a lot smoother than you’d think. Obviously, Zimmer does all the stuff on the radio and the live streaming, but they have also helped us develop our website and they help with our Facebook posts. We utilize all of that and I’ve had a lot of success.
Brian Mayse, Family Pawn
I was on a recent trip to Las Vegas and I was standing in line and a gentleman behind me said, ‘I’m from Jeff City. You’re the guy from Living Canvas. I hear you on the radio all the time.’ I was blown away that my voice was that recognized and I can truly say that radio does get results.
Dean Jones, Living Canvas Tattoo and Body Piercing

Not only are Zimmer’s services great, but the staff is wonderful. They taught me that I should not spend a single penny on advertising until I’m able to track it and know that it’s going to work for me to grow my business. Since I’ve been advertising with Zimmer, I’ve seen an increase in my business every single year.

Ashley Cunningham, Insurance Agent
When we first started advertising with Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, we didn’t expect such an immediate response, but literally the same day, we started getting phone calls and were gaining new clients on a weekly basis. The creative group was so good at understanding what Witt Print Shop needed. They nailed my ads to a tee right off the bat with only knowing me for literally 2 hours. I would highly recommend Zimmer to anybody who wants any type of increase in business. Radio advertising works.
Brian Kirmse, Witt Print Shop