Boom! Magazine

We are proud and excited to be introducing Boom! magazine, mid-Missouri’s newest and soon-to-be fastest-growing quarterly print publication, to the market. Boom! magazine will be printed inside Inside Columbia Magazine on a quarterly basis. As its name suggests, Boom! will primarily target the Baby Boomer generation, an audience that represents 40% of all active consumers. This highly affluent demographic controls 70% of all disposable income in the U.S., outspending all other generations by an estimated $400 billion each year. Boom! magazine will be the first of its kind in mid-Missouri and is expected to achieve unprecedented success with both readers and advertisers alike.

In every issue

Boom! magazine will appeal to the interests of active mid-Missouri adults, including cutting-edge content on: travel, health and wellness, outdoor activities, food, wine, home and garden, community events and much more!

Copies Printed Quarterly
Readers Quarterly*
Median Income of Readers
*According to the latest CVC Audit

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