What is Zimmer Creative Services?

Every superhero has an alter-ego, right? Consider “Zimmer Creative Services” ours. We look like ordinary people, but when a business needs our help we morph into the “Masters of Radio Messaging”. That’s a bit dramatic, sure. Basically, it’s our job to help our clients grow their business through consistent marketing and strategic messages. Think of us a collection of great storytellers.

Science has proven at least two things about telling stories. Our brains remember them, and most importantly, people can relate to them. We preach to our clients that “mindshare equals market share”. If you own mental real estate within the minds of potential customers, they’ll always think of you first. When people remember you, and they can relate to you, they’ll do business with you.

You remember what Nike says. You know who the creator of Apple was. And you know that your bologna has a first name.

At Zimmer Creative Services, we want to tell your story.

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Keys to a Killer Radio Campaign

Picking an apple is easy.  Planting the tree that produces them is not.  There is no app for growing an apple tree.  Be prepared to give it time, love and care if you want to taste the delicious benefits.  Apply that same love to your marketing campaign and your business will grow too.

  • Tell your story – It’s one that only you can tell. Let everyone else fight over “biggest selection” and “lowest prices” if they want. You should just be you.
  • The message matters – What you say to someone is infinitely more important than where you say it to them. Good branding isn’t just about talking to the right person. It’s about saying the right thing. Nail the message and everyone becomes “the right person”.
  • Dominate where you can – If you’re going to spend dollars on marketing, you’ve got to saturate the media you’re using. It’s important that you soak potential customers with your message. A fire hose works better than an eye-dropper!
  • Get creative – If your ads sound like ads, you’re in trouble. People hear too many messages already. If your advertising isn’t attractive to ears and eyes, no one will see or hear how amazing you are!

The Best Campaigns are Built with Bricks and Mortar


The strongest branding campaigns are built with bricks and mortar. “Bricks” explain the unique benefits of using your product or service. They constantly change depending on what you’re telling people about.

Let’s say you own a pizza joint. You could have the following bricks:

  • We Make Our Mozzarella Cheese In-House. Not many pizzerias do this – talk about it!
  • We Use A Brick Oven. Cooks faster, crispier crust, tastier toppings.
  • Variety of Crusts. You make a Whole Wheat Crust? Rosemary Parmesan? Yes, please!


“Mortar” never changes. It stays consistent in all of your marketing efforts and ties together all of your bricks. Much like the bricks in your campaign, your mortar must also be unique.

Let’s pretend we still own that pizza place. Your mortar could be any number of things:

  • A short, catchy slogan/tagline: “The pizza pie. Perfected.”
  • An audio logo/jingle: Helpful with product recall and brand image.
  • Brand-able chunks.Words and phrases that you can own in all of your marketing.

Whether on-air, on-line or on-location, your message should be echoic.
We help brand your business with a reliable and valuable message that’s designed to attract, convert and delight customers.

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