Want Your Business to Get Noticed?

Did you know that 99% of consumers diligently check their email inboxes every single day? So, pretty much… Everyone!

So if you want your business to get noticed, try email marketing! Because obviously, the odds are in your favor.

That’s where we come in! We are proud to offer highly coveted E-Blast services to our clients.

What Are E-Blasts?

E-Blasts, also referred to as email blasts or email newsletters, are emails with specific messages that are sent out to large databases of known subscribers. Keyword: Known. That’s right. We actually know our database of subscribers. This isn’t just some purchased list of random people; These contacts have opted in to hear from us! That means that we have their attention. And that means that your business can benefit from it!

Does My Business Need To Send E-Blasts?

Your business has the unique opportunity to capitalize on our large database of known, local subscribers! Here are some of the top reasons that your business should consider purchasing an E-Blast (or a few!) from us.
  • Spread your business’ specific message with local consumers. Alert the community of an upcoming sale, a product launch announcement, or any other compelling offer that drives action.
  • Communicate with our database of dedicated followers. Again, this isn’t just some random group of disinterested people.
  • Send customized, eye-catching emails. Our emails are designed to get you noticed! Leave it to our professional copywriters and our award-winning graphic design team.
  • Obtain analytics and see your email campaign results first-hand.
  • Take advantage of a fairly inexpensive method of reaching consumers.
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