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Here is a chance for companies to do what major marketers such as Wal-Mart, Starbucks and Office Depot are already doing. We give companies the chance to tell their stories in a medium that grabs attention and has a high level of credibility, and to help them plan and execute their new marketing, we have a team of awardwinning magazine writers, editors, photographers and designers.

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Hear what clients say about our work

“This is the most sophisticated print piece we’ve ever had, and we’re able to use it for current patients and prospective patients, in the office and at events, and we’ve also done a direct mailing to people we’ve not seen in a while to try to entice them to come back. We’re excited to have such a professional, impressive, beautiful magazine representing our practice.” >> Dr. John DeSpain, owner at DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center & Medical Spa
“Blown Away!” Those are the words Tom uses to describe his experience in working with Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group to tell his company's story. >> Tom Atkins, owner at Atkins Inc.
“Going in, I was concerned that we would have to do all the writing ourselves, and that was taken care of when --- brought in a writer. She did a great job of working with us to get the articles that we wanted. We could give feedback on what she wrote, and she would go from there, so the whole process was made very easy for us. We didn't want an overt advertisement but rather a professional presentation of who we are and what we do. There's a fine distinction between these two, but we achieved it in an attractive, informational magazine.” >> Glenn McElroy, executive director at Columbia Surgical Associates Inc
“We wanted a high-quality, high-impact piece -- something that isn't just going to be tossed in the trash as soon as customers have gone through the mail. We saw a magazine as something that would stick around on the coffee table, and it would be a reminder to our potential customers of who we are and how we're helping veterans and why we're a great choice for their mortgage. The collaboration was amazing. The questions the --- team asked in developing the content plan were really great questions and made us evaluate a lot of things we do and how we speak to our audience in our other marketing efforts.” >> Kris Farmer, chief marketing officer, Veterans United Home Loans
“The team at Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group is very helpful when it comes time to create a content plan for every issue. Their knowledge and hands-on involvement make a huge difference in helping us put together a magazine that is both compelling and well-designed. We know a lot about college athletics, but we’re not experts when it comes to publishing. The team at Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group makes it look like we are.” >> Chad Moller, Associate Athletic Director, Mizzou Athletic Strategic Communications
“We use Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group Custom Publishing to produce our alumni magazine, and we’ve had nothing but a good experience with their team. We moved to Zimmer from another company to produce our alumni magazine and the switch was seamless. I don’t think our readers noticed at all. In fact, we have received many unsolicited comments from our alumni about the publishing and much they love the piece. It’s a great working relationship. They’re also very patient with us. As a higher education institution, we have many people who are involved in the approval process and that takes time. Not every company understands that, but Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group Custom Publishing does. This year, our magazine was recognized with a Case Award for 
Excellence and A Marcom Award.” >> Susan Davis, Former Alumni director, Columbia College

How Custom Publishing Can Grow Your Business

Your company will benefit from quality publications that are carefully crafted to showcase the benefits of your business in an informative and more in-depth form, to drive your business goals.

Large, multinational corporations have relied on custom publishing as a key component to their marketing strategies for years.

Our Custom Publishing team works with you and your team to solidify the goals, metrics and tone for your content marketing and custom publishing initiative.

We will then execute a team made up of world class creative professionals who will build the visuals and text needed to make your content clear, concise and eye-catching.

Why Us?

Work with an award winning team.

Great Plains Journalism Awards

>> Two-time winner of Magazine of the Year, Inside Columbia
>> Multiple writing, design, and photography awards

City & Regional Magazine Awards

>> Three-time finalist, General Excellence

Missouri Association of Publications Ranly Award

>> Multiple award winner for writing, design, photography, and best issue

National Association for Mature Magazine Publishers

>> Multple award winner, Inside Columbia's Prime

Niche Magazine Conference

>> Best Business-To-Business Magazine, Inside Columbia's CEO


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