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Inside Columbia’s CEO is a business lifestyle magazine, printed inside Inside Columbia Magazine quarterly, that offers insightful analysis of Columbia’s dynamic business community. Every issue of Inside Columbia’s CEO tells the stories of the people and the businesses that drive our community’s economic engine, and reveals the best practices and creative solutions that fuel their success. We cover large and small businesses, innovators and traditionalists across a wide spectrum of industries.

In every issue

Opening Bell - The Buzz on CoMo Biz
Up & Coming - The Ladder Report
The Reading List
Roundtable Discussion
3 Questions
Copies Printed Quarterly
Readers Quarterly*
Are B2B Decision Makers
*According to the latest CVC Audit

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Connected to the local community, publications at Inside Columbia are targeted towards a dedicated audience who is passionate about their home town.

Each magazine serves as an information hub where local residents can learn more about events to get involved in and interesting topics in the immediate area. Through years of service in the community, Inside Columbia publications have garnered strong credibility with readers looking for advice from a respected source. Advertising in Inside Columbia publications, including Inside Columbia magazine, CEO, and Boom! will help your business stand out as a trusted brand supportive of the local community.

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