Mr. Zimmer, a well-respected radio pioneer started the company in 1956 with KDEX-FM in Dexter, Mo. In 1966 he started KZYM-FM in Cape Girardeau, one of the first country music stations in the U.S.  A life-long love for broadcasting earned Mr. Zimmer the coveted Missouri Broadcasters Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996. It is his passion and pioneering that still drives Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group today.

Our company has a clear focus of our two main principles: the Customer is King and the Product is Sacred. 

We’re a Missouri-based, family-owned company with nine radio stations, a growing interactive department, and a team of the most accomplished yet humble people you’ll ever meet.

Our on-air, on-line and on-message approach, combined with our passion for local businesses, separate us from conventional marketing agencies. Learn more about our company and our community involvement and see how we can help you!


  • PASSION – A passion for helping others and ourselves achieve success.
  • RESPECT – Respect the time, talent and contribution of every individual.
  • CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT- Be committed to continually improve professionally and personally.
  • FUN – Life’s too short for anything else.
  • LEADERSHIP – To rally teams toward achieving common objectives.
  • OPENNESS – Always know where you stand. Never be afraid to share information.
  • OWNERSHIP – Trust yourself and others to act quickly and independently. Take accountability for your actions.
  • HUMILITY – Those who achieve the most brag the least.
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Our purpose is to help our clients business grow.

Our efforts are focused on developing ourselves through training and coaching. We accomplish this through an environment where exceeding company standards, continual improvement, initiative and innovation are recognized and rewarded.
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