A System to Generate Leads and Increase Revenue with Inbound Marketing

presented by Matt Sunshine

Seminar Includes

– Overall insights on lead generation, inbound marketing, digital marketing, sales growth, and more
– Giving you a system to attract, find and close more qualified prospects
– How to turn cold calls in to warm leads and hot prospects
– How to beat your competition through content creation and become THE thought leader in your industry
– Everyone who attends will get a free copy of Matt’s book: Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hands

About Matt Sunshine

FORBES named Matt Sunshine one of the Top 20 Speakers you do NOT want to miss!

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What is Inbound Marketing?

These days, everyone looks online for help – for everything. You need to be publishing, behaving like a thought leader, and participating in business-oriented social media. If you do this, when people go looking for information, they’ll find you and they’ll contact you.

Getting appointments with qualified prospects has never been tougher. You know it. Your salespeople know it. There are more salespeople than ever trying to get appointments – so prospects are getting better at hiding!

Looking for prospects = Outbound Marketing.
Getting prospects to look for you = Genius, and this is Inbound Marketing.

Businesses using Inbound Marketing are seeing an increase in lead generation – and more importantly – a tremendous jump in lead quality.

Your salespeople will be vastly more efficient talking to truly interested prospects, not supposed suspects. Inbound leads are more valuable than ones salespeople prospect on their own. Yes, you still need to have an outbound lead generation plan, and your sales staff still needs to set appointments, but inbound leads are very warm prospects – people who have already been interacting with you and are ready to talk now.


Tuesday, June 4th from 8:15am – 11:30am
Courtyard Marriott, Columbia
Tickets $50

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